Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Days

The Mr. has been fairly sick.  He's missed two days of work this week; though he tried to go yesterday.  (That lasted about an hour. No one wants to be around "typhoid Mary.") I'm hoping he bounces fast.

To top it off, I had some tests at J town hospital. (Nothing major.)  I came out of the hospital and found I had a flat tire.  And I mean flat.  The Mr. was in no shape to come to my rescue, though we had a pretty good argument on the phone about him staying home. (He doesn't listen very well!)

K and CT came to my rescue.  K picked me up and took me home.  CT, K and the Bug were headed to U town for errands, so they changed the tire and brought my car to Tiny Town on their way home. It is now sitting at a local garage. 

And to really top it off, I have a faculty meeting at 7:15 this morning.  Granted, they do feed us breakfast, so I shouldn't complain.  Shouldn't is the operative word. 

Oh, and the temperature with wind chill today is -20.

Am I having fun yet? No, but maybe tomorrow...

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Kim said...

Here's hoping that today is a better day!