Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This and That

This is a hodgepodge post. OK. I know. Most of them are. This time I am following the truth in advertising rule.

*  Monday was Baxter's 4th Birthday.  He didn't get a cake or even an additional treat. Poor guy. (Just a lot of hugs and kisses.) 

*  I have cousins who are watching their mother die. She was my aunt.  She is my aunt.  (Divorce doesn't really end some relationships.)  She took sick before Christmas and thought it was asthma or some other respiratory problem.  It wasn't.  They have called in hospice.  The three cousins and their mom have been on my mind.  Cousin A and her family came from Chicago.  All of them are staying with Cousin R and his wife.  Cousin M is about the age I was when Mom died.  She faces a lot of years ahead without her momma.  They all do. Breaks my heart.

*Yesterday was the first day back to school since the Friday before Christmas.  It was good to see everyone, but I forget how crazy scheduling is after the fall semester.  There were a lot of students trying to get schedules changed.  Heck, there were a lot of students whose schedules showed that they were only enrolled in a class or two.  I guess they call that a "hole" in their schedule.  (And that would be an understatement.) 

*Did I mention that besides the crazy enrollment issues, the scheduling computer system wasn't working?  Yeah, that means if changes happened, they didn't get put into the computer.  Today will be more fun, unless they fixed that glitch.

*I tried to go to a Tiny Town High basketball game last night.  The huge scoreboard that hangs over the middle of the court wasn't working right.  Instead of a steady display, the display was constantly blinking. I sat for about five minutes before I staggered out of the gym and headed for home.  Ever since the stroke, blinking lights have not been my friend. 

*In Big City, L survived her first days of leaving Baby E at the sitter.  I imagine there were a lot of kindergartners glad to see her again.

*And Buggy was quite excited to see all of her friends at the babysitters.  (Someone to fight with besides the dog!)

*I'm not behind at school yet.  Woo hoo for me.  (Give me a couple of days and that will change.)

Happy Hump Day!  

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margie said...

hate those strokes. just hate em.