Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2nd

More February love...

*I love how I am still writing 2013 on the board at school, and my students have only let me know it twice.  Either they are as oblivious as I am, or they are trying to be kind to their elderly teacher.  *sigh!

*I love watching the Bug go up for the children's sermon at church and then troop up the stairs with the other kids for children's church.  She's getting so grown up!

*I am especially loving the snow in our forecast.  It might not happen, but I love the "idea" of a possible snow day.

*I love it when the laundry is finished and put away.  The actual doing of it...not so much. (Except in the warmer months, when I can use my clothesline.)

*I love the Super Bowl, but only for the snack foods, commercials, and a Super Bowl pool or two.  (I also enjoy retreating to the other television and watching a movie or a show.  This year?  Downton Abbey!)

*Finally, I love fingernail polish that marks my keys for school:  green for my classroom and blue for anything theater related.

Happy Sunday!

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