Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Best of My Friday in Pictures

The Greasers of "The Outsiders" Photo Shoot

My somewhat naughty dinner date.
The only way she would look at the camera?
"Smile if you want ice cream."
(She won't fall for that again, Mom. She didn't get any ice cream.)
Bob the Builder Truck at Walmart
She begged for a ride.  Mom says she always does and then hates them.
She begged all the way through the store. 
While Momma was checking out, Nana took her out so she could sit in it.
Mom came out and, "I not scared, Mommy."
Of course not, Nana didn't put any money in so it didn't move.
She was quite content to pretend it was going.
When you're two, pretending is enough.

And now on this Saturday I'm off to see Daughter #2 and Grandbabe #2. I can't wait.

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Kitty M said...

Congrats Mrs E on your second grand child that is lovely news!

Luca keeps me sooo busy these days I barely blog at all - but love stepping by to visit you when I can x