Wednesday, February 19, 2014

They Did It Again

The IT guys changed our passwords.  Again.

But instead of letting us type in our own passwords, they were assigned.  A nice little mess of letters and numbers now makes up my password.

And do you think I can remember the darn thing?

Logging in now goes something like this:

1. Log in using my old password. (Habit!)  Denied.

2. Log in trying to use my new password.  I forget to capitalize one letter, OR reverse the order, OR type a wrong number.  Denied.  Repeat. *sigh

3. I finally remember the darn thing and type it correctly.  Voila!

You'd think I would come up with some cute mnemonic to help me remember the strange little password.  Nope.

I'm too old for this.  One more password to remember.  My brain is fried.

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