Sunday, March 23, 2014

So Long Spring Break

Spring Break has been good, but it hasn't all been good.

*Three days with the girls and grands--good.
*A wild trip to the Zoo-good, until the Bug started throwing leaves and mulch because she was so mad she couldn't stay on the slipper slides. yikes!
*Me laughing at the Bug throwing fits--probably bad, but it still makes me laugh.  "Nina's laughing."  Yes.  She sold me out.
*Playing with the Little E- so sweet.  Love that little guy.
*First official sleepover with the Bug.  She made it without Mommy and Daddy and without throwing up. Terrific!
*Filling the bird feeders and doing a little yard work--great.
*Getting the flu at the end of the week--dreadful.  (High fever and body ache, both were miserable.) I'm still not 100%.
*Sweet baby Caroline and her mama visiting--good.
*Breakfast with the girls, grands, Little Big Brother and Sweet Sister-in-law--great.
*Trip to the hometown library with Grandma B-quite fun. (Loved the quilt exhibit--especially the Wizard of Oz quilts.)
*Lunch with the girls, grands, Dad, Grandma B, Big Brother and his wife at a restaurant that was disorganized chaos--nice, but a bit crazed.
*Celebrating the Mr.'s birthday- wonderful.  (Chocolate cake decorating, courtesy of the Bug.)

So here is the evidence of the wild life of Spring Break 2014 on Easy Street:
The end of my week was nothing like I planned, but the play is over and only eight weeks of school left.  (I'm pretending like State Testing isn't just a week away.)  I can do this.

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