Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Breaking

I was just sure I'd have more time to write this morning.  But no...

K and the Bug are taking me to a 10:00 showing of "Despicable Me 2."  (I absolutely loved the first one!) 

And then I am cleaning house because L and little E are coming to Tiny Town tomorrow morning.  I can't wait to see them. (But I really should make it so that we can see our dining room table before they arrive. *sigh  The remains of the play and all the papers I brought home to grade are decorating it right now!)

So... play before work today.  And on Spring Break, maybe that's the way it ought to be. 

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Mary said...

Spring Break here, too! I have so much to do, that I'm afraid the week is going to go by way too fast!