Sunday, March 2, 2014

What I Am Thinking About Today

*Tulips. It is snowing today, and I am thinking of tulips.  (Is it too late to force a few bulbs?)

*Little Sis and her husband are returning from a trip to India today.  I can't wait to hear her tales. Sounds like it was quite eye opening.

*The Outsiders. Shocking that I should be thinking about the show, right?!  We added the curtain call on Friday morning. I think this is the earliest we have EVER rehearsed a curtain call.  Now, if we can just pull it all together this week! (It would help if the actors would attend rehearsals. The principal actors are usually there.  The extras have been a lot less reliable.)

*Have I mentioned that my cast guys are hoping to arrange a Flash Mob Fake Fight in the cafeteria to advertise the play?  Yeah, we'll see if they can get permission for that one! Oh, and they'd like to teach the principals a few moves so they could join in. Yikes!  They are really into the stage combat right now.

*Gel eyeliner. Why has it taken me so long to discover this?  I hate those little eyeliner pencils, and liquid eyeliner is a little too much these days.  Maybelline makes a great gel eyeliner.  Amazing.

*Biting my nails.  I took off acrylics last summer, and so I have pretty much been biting my nails ever since. *sigh

*Finishing Julius Caesar using a more Common Core Standard approach.  It is time to test, and I need to figure out a more challenging way to do that.  I think I know what this Sunday afternoon will be spent doing.

*Oh, and it dawns on me that it has been awhile since I have posted hair pictures.  This was from a month or so ago.  I think I am at the end of this process.
I am due to take some pictures again.  I started this process after a color job last March that I wasn't wild about. Now, I need to find a haircut that I really like.

That is about all that is on my mind today--except for whether we will have school tomorrow or not.  I have no control over that, but I need a Plan B.

Happy Sunday!

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Softie said...

I like the hair shorter it really looks good!