Saturday, April 5, 2014

Salute to the Military Kid

Yesterday's tribute to military families in the Tiny Town School District was quite touching.  Let's see...

*An amazing Army brass ensemble with stirring music.

*One family skyped on a big screen with their dad in Kandahar.

*An elementary school of K-5 sang a great patriotic song. It was so touching to see them all in their red shirts.

*Two parents honored their high school son who is an amazing young man, despite his parents both being deployed at one time in his life. Their tribute to him was because they knew that his road had been a hard one, but he had accepted their careers and never used them as an excuse.

*All the kids with deployed parents tied yellow ribbons on two potted trees that will be planted on school property. Quite touching to see the older students holding the younger students up to tie their ribbons on.  Even more touching to see so many yellow ribbons so low on the trees; a lot of our little students have deployed parents.

*The assembly ended with the Army's rock band playing, which the kids loved.  Their songs turned into a K-12 dance party, pretty much led by two high school boys. 
 I'm pretty sure this was a kindergarten teacher's nightmare, 
but the kids sure loved it.
Great to see Big and Little students all together.

Note to self: next time, take tissues.


Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful you do a military tribute in your district. We are very "removed" from the military community and have only a handful of families with a link to active duty military. It is good your district recognizes the special challenges for families (and especially students) when deployment and change of duty station happens. Cousin BJB

Amy said...

One good thing about teaching elementary... I had my bag there with me, stocked with tissues. I didn't plan on being the one to need them, but I did! It was so fun! My kids loved the dance party! But yes... a bit stressful. I told mine all to stay in the big green out of bounds line. :) And made sure to count when we were all sitting back down. :)