Sunday, April 6, 2014

You Know It's Spring

Signs of spring:

*Fleur-de-lis bloom
*allergies in overtime
*storm warnings
*green spots in a brown landscape
*tree buds littering the sidewalk after strong wind and rain
*warmer temperatures, followed by colder temperatures, followed by warmer temperatures
*track meets and ball games
*prom dresses and tuxes in local restaurants
*yard work
*sandals and capris
*lawn chairs appearing

Our temperatures have been cool enough that there aren't a lot of flowers blooming yet, but that doesn't keep kids from showing up to school in shorts and flip flops.  (Interesting outfit for the day that it snowed quite a bit!)

I haven't put boots and sweatshirts away yet, but have gradually pulled out some capri pants and sandals.  I've hauled limbs off a couple of times, but haven't planted any spring flowers yet. 

Even Easter is late this year. 

I like these slow springs.

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