Friday, June 27, 2014

Phone Fun

Easy Street has finally caught up with the times and shut off our land line phone.  We rarely used it. 

Of course, we could probably use it this week.  Let's see....

L dropped her phone when we were getting pedicures on Wednesday.  And she dropped it into.the.water!  Suddenly the little man on her phone was lying sideways with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.  Dead.  (And come to find out--ruined.)

After an hour in the phone store, a new phone was shipped overnight to our house. She and Little Man E waited for Fed Ex to deliver yesterday, only to find out that the Verizon computer was down and couldn't set up her new phone.

I didn't really want her and a seven month old on the road without a phone.  They were headed home, so I sent my cell phone with her.  I will make arrangements to pick it up, but right now I am sans phone. And she might be getting calls and texts that don't interest her too much.

This isn't all bad:  uninterrupted reading and sleeping ahead.  Almost like old times. 

I'm not sure that being "connected" 24/7 is a help or a hindrance.  Thoughts? Who knows? I might like being without a phone. 

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Mary said...

I do like camping in campgrounds with no cell service. It's nice to unplug from everything for a couple of days!
We dropped our landline phone a couple of years ago, and set up a google phone # & use that as our home number. It rings to both of our phones; the only bad thing is that it doesn't have a different ringtone, so you can't tell if the person is calling your # or the google #.