Tuesday, June 3, 2014


*New stairs are going on the front of our house today. No more railroad ties, breaking your neck, falling on your you-know-what.  Of course, I was quite surprised that they just showed up.  We were "next on the list" ever since they finished Little Big Brother's house in December. 

*Zumba class is fun.  New favorite version of "This Little Light of Mine" by Addison Road is the cool down.

 *The Bug is going to Bible School...reluctantly.  (OK.  Crying her little eyes out.)

*Little Sis is headed to the farm today.  She will spend a couple of days. Sent her off in the old Yota. (Toyota)

*Have I mentioned that we bought a "new to us" car? It had a lot of miles on it or we never could have afforded all the bells and whistles.  It is now the new Yota.  I use the term "new" loosely.

*I am headed off for a glaucoma test today. I hate those darn things where you stare at a dark screen for 20 minutes and press a button every time you see a pinprick of light. Gives me a headache.

*How sad is it that I have already been thinking about English class next fall?  Pathetic!!

Happy Tuesday! Let your little light shine!

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Kim said...

I am not a fan of glaucoma tests either. But if they help me keep my eyesight, I guess I'll put up with them. I always tell the administrator that I get test anxiety. It's true. Enjoy your summer!