Sunday, June 29, 2014


1. My phone is now back in my possession. Verizon managed to figure out their issues and began working again yesterday, so L managed to switch the phone information. 

2. The high speed internet at home now seems to be up and working.  Only an hour on the phone with some guy from India for that to happen.

3. Jury is still out on this summer cold, but it has moved from the head to the chest and seems to be loosening up.  You can pity the Mr.  He has had to listen to the wheezing, coughing, and nose blowing.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure there was snoring.  Lovely.

4.  (I'm not sure I've even blogged about this one.)  You might remember we bought a "new to us" car.  We loved it.  And after Wedding #2, a deer ran into the side of our car while we were doing 65 mph on the highway.  He did quite a number on our car. (It didn't turn out too well for him either.) After estimates, we had almost $10,000 damage.  The car has been at the repair shop for several weeks but is to be finished early this week.

We were lucky. Had the deer bolted a second earlier, he would have come in through our windshield and at least two of the three of us in the car could have been dead.  Dodging it wasn't a possibility since we were meeting another car in the opposite lane.  I don't have much tolerance for the people so opposed to hunting deer.  There are too many deer dead on the sides of highways and interstates, and I have to wonder how much damage they have caused. BUT...that is a post for another day.

So from phones to cars to health, Easy Street is in recovery mode.  (It's about time.)

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joyce said...

Recovery is always a good thing. Wonder where the word originated cover something again. Doesn't make much sense, but it's still a good thing. We have those deer issues too, not only on the roads but in the gardens, but I still couldn't shoot one.