Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This 'n That

No photos from the water park.  (Like I would want my camera out near the water?? What was I thinking?)  We sure had a great time on the Lazy River and in the wave pool.  The Bug was fond of a "big girl" slide.  Little E is sporting a farmer tan now. To top it off we ran into old friends and a former student, too. 

Today, I am off to a brunch for the Women Faculty.  This tradition began many years ago.  I am so glad some colleagues are keeping it going.

After that, K, L, and I are headed for pedicures--and a trip to Sam's Club.  (Oh, and Little E is joining the women for this outing.  The Bug will be on a daycare field trip--to ride a train.  She is so excited.) 

Several days of hanging with the girls reminds me how much I miss them being around all the time. 

This day is always bittersweet.  It would have been Mom and Dad's anniversary--and also is the day that my friend Pat died in '99.  They were both mothers and teachers. Mom died at age 58 and Pat, at age 48--both way too young.  Today, I am thinking of how much they both have missed.

So, I will spend the day doing things I'm sure they would have loved: enjoying time with teaching friends, children, and grandchildren. 

It seems fitting.

"When all that's left of me is love, give me away."


SEB said...

Pat was quite a woman. I'm sure your Mom was too Mrs. E. She would have loved all that you plan to do today!

Mary said...

That is waaay too young. Enjoy your girlies and the babies!