Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I hate pepper.  Not the fresh green, red, orange or yellow peppers--I love those, but black pepper.  It happens to be the Mr.'s favorite seasoning.  I'm hiding his pepper shaker OR providing sour kraut and curry powder for every dish from now on.  Two can play at this game...!

Yesterday, I found out that I don't have glaucoma. (And yes, that test was just as much fun as I remembered.)  Yea for healthy eyes!

The new front steps aren't done yet, but getting closer.  I'm not sure I love them yet, but they are much better than those darn railroad ties. Unfortunately, when the construction crew packs up, we have quite a bit of landscaping to do with the few random railroad ties that are left.  Bet you can guess what I will be doing in the next few days.  (Searching Pinterest for inspiration.) 

I'm not a cat lover, but the kittens at the farm are pretty cute.  The fact that Dad isn't a cat lover either tells me that their time of romping on the front porch is about to be limited.
Baxter won't be happy that he is being upstaged.  (I don't plan to let him see this blog post!) With any luck, he and I will have a lazy day of doing laundry and reading.  (Well, after the 5:00 run/walk time. We'll both be pooped after that.)

And now back to The Supreme Macaroni Company by Adriana Trigiani.  Some really serious summer reading, I know.  Let the fun summer reading begin!

Happy Wednesday!

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puna said...

I like coming here! Every thing feels so - normal, and I mean that in the best way - and so safe. Hope that the glaucoma does slow down life too much. I'm squinting like crazy, even as I'm writing this -