Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tea Party Pics Better Late Than Never

The Princess Bug's Tea Party was several weeks ago. She was so excited.

She told me she was the princess, but Mommy was the Queen.  (She just doesn't know that Nana is the REAL queen!)
You might notice that doughnuts were indeed part of her menu.  Her insistence won Momma over!
Her guests arrived in fancy hats. Sweet SIL and LuLu are such good sports.

And she was a sweet little hostess.
My favorite moment? 
When she took the little cream pitcher that was filled with milk,
poured it into her little cup, and drank it.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the Tea Party rather quickly.  This was the day of L's appendectomy.  So much fun crammed into one day!
There were perks to that appendectomy.  I spent several days in Big City, helping with this little guy:

My, he is at a fun age!

Soon, E will be able to join the summer activities. So far this summer, the Bug has been to the Water Park a couple of times, had a tea party, ridden a train, and had a sleepover with Nana and Papa.  What's next?  She is coming to our house for a camp out tonight. She wants to sleep in "that little camper."

 I think we better dig out the sleeping bags and some footie pajamas. We are unseasonably cool in Tiny Town.
Summer fun continues!

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Beth said...

She's adorable. My granddaughter had a tea party with Minnie complete with a Minnie Mouse tea set. Such fun!
It's cool here also.
Glad all went well with E.