Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fitness on Easy Street

I have been wearing a Fitbit Flex since the first of April, and on Sunday it refused to sync.  After 20 minutes on the phone with a customer service rep from India, a new Fitbit is headed my way.  I am missing it.  I have been registering 10,000-14,000 steps a day for the last few weeks.  And now I have no idea how many steps I have put in.  It also monitors my sleep and I like that!

Baxter and I go for a walk every evening.  He is quite the discerning dog; he always chooses the nicest lawn in town to sprawl on for a few minutes every evening.  (And he prefers it right after the sprinklers have been going.)

Then, the Bug went for her first Ballet lesson last night.  It is a Mommy and Me Ballet class, with the hope that by Christmas it will just be little ones without their moms.  I can't wait to sit in on a rehearsal.

Zumba classes still meet at 5 in the morning.  I always leave the class feeling more energetic.  I haven't jumped up and down for years, but now on Zumba mornings, there is quite a bit of jumping.  (There is also quite a bit of jiggling.  I keep telling myself to do sit ups, but I am just pretty good at ignoring myself! So, jiggle it is!)

K and I have been running, but are taking it easy this week.  K has a foot that is giving her problems, so we have been walking instead of running. (Not that there is much difference.)

And of course, all of this exercise is registering zero steps for me this week.  Darn it!  Hurry up replacement Fitbit!

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