Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Lied

I went to school yesterday even without AC.  I spent a lot of time in the copy room of my hall which was freezing cold and then would go to my room to warm up.  Survival tool? You bet.  I accomplished quite a bit, too.

Today?  I'm sewing. L's Kindergartners were hard on the chair pockets, so I am in repair mode for about a dozen of them.  (Mostly minor problems.)  I will probably return to school this afternoon.  There is still quite a bit to do.

The Bug wanted to come see Nana yesterday when Mom picked her up from the sitter.  They had a Walmart trip to make, so that wasn't an option. She wasn't happy.  (There might have been screaming and crying involved.) She called me when they got home and asked for a sleepover.  Who could resist  that request?  (Well in a couple of weeks, I will.  Weeknight sleepovers won't be an option then, but it is still summer on Easy Street, so we are having a Thursday night sleepover.)

Tonight is our district picnic for all staff.  BOE members grill, and staff provides the sides.  This year, they are bringing in a bouncy house/castle for the kids. I guess this is a Welcome Back to School Night-- We Will See You in a Few Days kind of gathering.

Keeping my fingers crossed for AC repair for my classroom. (You'd think my "in" with the Assistant Principal would help.  Not so much.  You listening, K?)

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