Friday, August 8, 2014

In With the New

1. New laptop bag.  Big enough to tote a change of shoes, lunch, and lots of paper work.  The best part?  It was 75% off.  I love it!

2. Interactive notebooks.  I might be pulling my hair out, but I am jumping in (probably over my head) and having my students create these this year.  Pray for me.

3. My "Information Station" is new--and so are the letters that spell it out.

The middle photo is simply a peak at my room from the door that students enter.

4. That sign "I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul" was given to me by my sweet young colleague.  Besides being sweet and young, we were also trailer mates.  I use her as a sounding board, and she is always my "Go To" when I have questions.  That sign will be a treasure for years.  (My students have to memorize the whole poem every year.)

5. A bulletin board right behind my desk.  Handy place for all the "keepers" that I acquire.

6. My old dorm size fridge died a couple of years ago.  It was used when I inherited it from L.  I splurged on a new one this year.  It resides in my closet--and mainly provides cold water and keeps my lunch cold.

Oh yes.  I have a walk-in closet.  Actually, each classroom in the school has one.  I keep forgetting that not every school has them.
My file cabinet has to reside in here, as do all the boxes with novel sets and quite a few supplies.  The hanging clothes are a small portion of the costumes I store in here.  Besides quite a few other costumes, I think there are 3 or 4 fur coats out of the picture.  The 3rd shelf of the white storage unit holds coloring books, crayons, and a few snacks for the Bug when she visits.  (I sometimes have to raid her supply!) I love having a closet, but I have to remind myself that I also have to be able to fit a class of students in there if we have to "shelter in place." (Just those words make me sick. I hope we never have to!)

This new/old item turned up at Tiny Town High today.  This was K's office chair in J town.  It is in pretty rough shape, losing a bit of stuffing.  They bought her a new chair a year ago,  and she refused to use it because she loved her old one.  Last night a special delivery guy was able to sneak into Tiny Town High's office and replace her new chair with her old one from J town with a note that said, "You forgot something @ JHS."  Surprise!! She got a good laugh out of the tricks of her previous staff.  They were quite the practical jokers.

And she was right, it is a very comfortable chair; however, she loves her new office chair.  So.... I duct taped a few places where the stuffing was showing through and now have it in my room for when I conference with students or for my T.A. to use.

Oh, and still no air conditioning.  A compressor has been ordered, but it won't be here until next Wednesday.  Oh boy...!  Actually, I am surviving.  The halls are cold enough to keep my room bearable when I prop the door open!

And that's most of what is new from my room in Tiny Town High.  Now, back to work!


Kim said...

It looks like things are coming together well! Enjoy your day off today!

Anonymous said...

How frightening is it that I have the same tablet bag??? Mine was a gift from my classroom teacher!! We also have a closet BUT I refuse to go in it because the same teacher has it stuffed to the ceiling with "stuff" we never use and she refuses to give it to the trashman. I tell her I'll clean it out but she knows it would be an empty closet when I'm done! Love you CrAzy Cousin....Ree

Mrs. E said...

Of course we have the same bag, Ree! Kindred spirits and all. For me, it was all about the green!

Also, guess you won't be "sheltering in place" in your closet either. You might remind her that if she has to herd the kids into the closet for safety--that it isn't going to happen!