Monday, August 18, 2014

No AC Week #3

Great weekend.  L and CB came down Friday evening.  Little Man E now has two teeth and crawls like he's always been doing it.  He was so darn cute.  They stayed for the party and then headed back to Big City, so it was a short trip.

On Saturday, the Bug had a small birthday party with a Wizard of Oz theme.  They wore crowns, made wands, and ate frozen yogurt and cupcakes.  She still is pretty shy in groups of people.  It always takes her awhile to warm up.  I'd say that the balloon romp at the end was a sign she had overcome her shyness!  Her daddy cooked ribs and chicken on the grill afterward for the family.  We saw her ride her new scooter. Who am I kidding?  We took turns pushing her around the house, while she was still figuring out how to use her foot to push. She is growing ups too darn fast.

After supper, the men moved my mom's piano from our house to K and CT's house.  The Bug has always been interested in it, and now she will have the chance to take lessons in a few years.  Little Man E and I are going to have to come up with a plan when he gets old enough for lessons!  (Nana CoCo will be scouting pianos if L and CB will let me.)  It is nice to know that another generations of kids will have the chance to play on Mom's piano.  I know she would be pleased.

Because of the piano shuffle, I think there were two houses doing some rearranging yesterday. K sent a photo of the piano in its new home. And then the Mr. and I spent most of Sunday afternoon moving furniture around. (There was a little more room without the piano.) Call me crazy, but I really like rearranging furniture. It gives me the chance to clean out at the same time.  I've started a new "garage-sale-or-give-away" box.

Finally, I ran down to my room at school yesterday evening to do a little work.  This will now be Week #3 of no air conditioning. It was hot!  I have a hunch I will be scouting a new room by the end of today if they can't get the AC fixed. *sigh  I am telling myself that sweating helps me lose weight!  This is a heck of a diet!

I have plenty of pictures to post of our weekend.  I need to do a photo dump. Stay tuned.

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