Monday, August 4, 2014

Oh Buggie!

Last night, K was cutting the Mr.'s hair. (OK. Practically shaving his head. *sigh! He loves shaving off that pretty hair.  I have given up trying to talk him out of it.) 

When it was time to go, the Mr. told the Bug to come give Papa a hug and a kiss.  She pulled out the squirt gun she had been playing with and said in a rather evil voice, "Here's your hug and kiss," and shot him several times with her water gun. 

Any doubt she made a full, sassy recovery? 

I passed on the hugging and kissing this time. 


Anonymous said...

And when Mr. Started whinning did she tell him to "talk to the hand"????? Golly day I LOVE that girl!! Love you too my CrAzY cOuSiN!! Ree

Anonymous said...

Love hearing your Bug stories. Hope you have a great school year. Cousin BJB