Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh me, Oh my 2

Truly, it is the same ol' story: no AC (the part is ordered...again!) and the Tech Company has not been here to work on my technology center, though they have set up appointments that they fail to keep.  The AC has been out since August 4th; the Tech Center has been out since last May.  But, "If you can't say anything nice...."

Right now, my lips are stapled AND duct taped on this subject.  There are about a million questions I would like to ask, but on to my happy place.

Random Facts that you probably can't wait to hear.

1.  I hate black Jelly Beans.  Licorice is not a favorite flavor.  I also hate the root beer flavored ones.

2.  Power Bars have become a meal supplement when I need something quick or forget my lunch.  Favorite?  Pure Protein in any Peanut Butter flavor.

3. The end of the third toe on my right foot has random shooting pains.  No idea why, but it sure is annoying.

4. Mr Baxter can spell.  Every night when I spell "w-a-l-k" to tell the Mr. what time I am going, Bax sits and whines.  He wants to go immediately. Stupid smart dog.

5. I play the French Horn. Well, I used to. There are times that I wish I owned one.  (Not happening.)

6. U Town College Football starts this coming weekend.  Bet you can guess where the Mr. and I will be!

7. Watching the "Hip Hop Abs" infomercial (for about 20 seconds), I realized that my Zumba class incorporates those moves.  However, my abs look NOTHING like the abs on that infomercial.  I'll spare you the photo comparisons.

8. I am searching for "yards without grass" ideas.  When the Mr. mows our yard, it looks like a small dust storm.  (Lots of shade makes growing grass tough.)

9. Lately, I have been on a Doctor search.  I find a Dr. I love, and they leave.  I find a Dr. I don't love, and I leave.  I find a Dr. I love, and they leave.  It is a crazy cycle.  The latest Dr. is now leaving.  On a good note, his P.A. is staying.  Fortunately, I preferred him. (He spoke English I could understand!)

10. A Tiny Town High Grad is on the SyFy Channel show "Face Off."  He does major stage makeup each week, and then the least successful contestant each week goes home.  He is crazy talented--and completely self taught.  (And he's competing against some professional makeup artists.) It is a joy to see him grown up, taking criticism like a pro (something hard for him at 16), and quite well spoken.  He's been making his former teachers proud!

And there you have it: the end of redundancy.  (There are only so many no-AC-in-my-classroom posts that I can write. Sadly, the end is not in sight.)


Beth said...

Wow!I don't know how I'd survive without air---heat is terrible on fibromyalgia You are being nice about the people who have caused you
discomfort and inconvenience. But, then again, complaining doesn't make it any better.
My first week went well. Now, we are off a week for county fair. I'm going in today to work on some stuff. Our work seems to be never done. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT imagine no AC in my rooms at school with temperatures outside like they are right now! BJB