Monday, September 15, 2014

CrAzy Fun

The last week has been nuts.  Let's see...

*I went to Big City to take care of little E.  He was so much fun, but I forget how much work babies are.  He is learning to walk, so keeping up with him is a challenge.  If all else failed, he loved being outside.  Such a busy little soul.

*There is so much going on at school that every day/night is full of lesson planning, making activities, and writing tests.  It pays off to be on top of it, but my evenings are full.

*Before I left for Big City, I filled in for Mommy K at the Bug's ballet class.  (Mommy & Me Ballet)  That had me driving to Big City after dark...with one headlight.  The headlight is now replaced, but that required playing musical cars with the local garage.
(Yes, every girl needs her binoculars while taking her babies for a ride.)

*K, the Bug, Friend E, and I all ran at the U town color run.  What a fun time!
These were the before pictures.
And after the 5K.....

*Nephew #3 was married over the weekend.  Gorgeous day.  Gorgeous couple.  It was so good to spend some time with family.  Particularly enjoyed some time with the Mr.'s cousins who had made the trip.

And now this week promises to be just as jam packed:

*After school, I am going to the visitation for a classmate who lost her mom.  I will travel to the hometown after Inservice today.

*My service sorority has our first evening meeting of the school year, and the U Football team plays on a weeknight instead of Saturday. I'm going to be rushing to get on the road after school that day.

*Little Big Brother has been in a musical in J Town.  I want to try to see the show on Friday night.

*Homecoming Week for Tiny Town High means Spirit Week and crazy dressing every day, too.

*Arts in the Park is at the hometown this weekend, and I have another wedding that night--this time for a former student.

The good in all the craziness?

Candy corn
Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer--yum!
Cooler weather (the Color Run was almost cold!)
Color run T-shirts that came clean after they were washed
Zumba and Morning Runs

Actually, the craziness has been fun and I wouldn't miss a moment of it, but I am ready to relax and enjoy this beautiful weather.  

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