Saturday, September 6, 2014

Expect the Unexpected

Friday ended up being a short work day for me.  I felt a bit rough when I woke up, but by the time I arrived at school, some kind of stomach bug hit.  (I'll spare you the details.) I barely made it through 1st hour.  I'm not sure you have ever seen a teacher trying to write out sub plans at warp speed.  It was ugly.

By late afternoon, I was almost back to normal. Of course, I missed our teacher tailgate and the first football game of the year. (And we won!!) 

Today, life feels back to normal.  A little Bug is coming to stay with me, while Daddy hunts and Mommy goes to the Teacher of the Year banquet with a J town colleague.  We have used disinfecting wipes to make sure we don't share my bug with the Bug. 

So what's on tap?  I'm pretty sure she is bringing her Candy Land game or her Frozen match game.  Baxter will get walked--probably more than once.  We are making pigs in a blanket for lunch.  Hopefully, she will willingly take a nap.  (We shall see...!)

Expect the unexpected?  Yes, I'm pretty sure that might be the Bug's theme song.  Do you think she gets that from me???

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Anonymous said...

I had that stomach bug 2 weeks ago on a weekend. It didn't last long, but sure was nasty. I was thankful it hit me at home, on a weekend. Cousin BJB