Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

This was our last three day weekend until Veterans Day.  (That sounds like a long way off!)

Let's see, we...

*suffered in the heat of a college football game. (I didn't know I could sweat that much--gross!)

*made a trip to see L, CB, and the little man, who kept reaching for Papa--*sigh! He did love Nana playing with him while he was trapped in his car seat, which almost made up for him always reaching for Papa.  (My jelly bean bribes have to wait for another year.  Darn it!) By the way, E's hair now has the sweetest little ringlets!!  Love them!

*enjoyed several nice rain showers--and a whole lot of lightning.

*were able to spend some time with the Bug.  She and I took a long walk to the convenience store during the HS scrimmage. (Mommy was working, and Buggy needed a distraction.) Then she and Mommy visited for some juice, jelly bean, and play time on Sunday night. We also went to the frog and turtle races with her on Labor Day. 

*had an impromptu breakfast with Little Big Brother, SIL, and LuLu.

*spent a bit of time at Tiny Town's Labor Day celebration.

*met up with Cousin D and his wife so they could give me this:
Their beautiful daughter made it for me--and it is already in my classroom.  I had admired one that she had made for her Mom when I saw the picture of it on Facebook. I love it!!  (And I probably owe her some money.)

Favorite photos of the weekend--only the last one is mine; these first photos are courtesy of the Moms.
L is taking the first six hours toward her degree in administration.  E wasn't crazy about her closing herself in her office area, so he kept checking on her.  If that isn't the sweetest photo!!

Buggy and her daycare friend riding a little "train" and then watching the parade. (Mainly, collecting and sharing candy. "I'm a candy eating machine!" yikes!) 

And finally, the curls on the teething boy.  
The bib says it all.
(Bib for the drool monster!)
It was a good long weekend.  Now, back to school!

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