Sunday, September 21, 2014

One Week Later

This promises to be a less hectic week.  I think.

Last week brought...

*meetings in the evening
*U town's football game
*Dora the Explorer (senior citizen version)  I might have borrowed the Bug's binoculars for Cartoon Character Day of Spirit Week.
*Little Big Brother as Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar.  I'm prejudiced, but he was really good.
*A trip to see my old classmate and her twin brothers at their mom's visitation.
*Some wild games of grammar punctuation rules.  (Sophomores are crazy competitive!)
*An outdoor wedding of a former student-- in between rain showers.  It was a beautiful, fun wedding.  It was also great fun to see former students from those years.

Oh, and I can't forget....cRaZy cousin Ree celebrated a birthday last week.  She is OLD!!  (And fun!!)

So, what is in store for this week?.....
*grading 80 interactive notebooks (today during the NFL football games)
*grading the first major writing assignment  (this week during plan period and any extra time I can find)
*beginning a novel unit
*a church meeting
*leading children's church with K
*working at a volleyball game
*another U town football game

In between all this, I am loving...
*Instagram (for seeing photos of relatives, former students, and their families)
*Our new advisory time at the end of the school day--I actually have time to read during the first half, and students have time to finish school work during the 2nd half.  (Though contacting advisory teachers and having them remind students of work to complete is time consuming, it is also effective.)
*The new AD of Tiny Town High creating a Twitter account and posting scores and results of games in real time.
*The fact that there is a new cell phone in my future.
*A neon green cover on my computer
*Cookie Jam--an iPad game
*Having my students use interactive notebooks
*Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider Ale
*Walking home from school

I am hating...
*the battery on my current cell phone.  I am constantly charging.
*no time for blogging, facebook, or even Instagram.
*my scratchy throat, stiff neck, and lower back pain (the beginning of a cold and old age pains!)
*junk email--my accounts overflow.
*making retirement decisions without a crystal ball.  
*not seeing little/big E more often. He's walking and waving bye bye since the last time I saw him.

Any time now, the cool mornings and beautiful fall days can return. (I am over the warm mornings and hot afternoons.)  Those few days of an early fall were just teasing me.

However, I would also like to have a few of those "empty" days of summer back, too.

I guess I can't have it all...


Mary said...

Oh, my! You're busy!That looks like my week 2 weeks ago.
I LOVE Instagram! I'm tnslp! :)

141FE said...

NEVER as OLD or CrAzY as you my dear cousin!! Love you