Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pet Peeves

Life's small (sometimes feel huge!) irritations:

*Thinking I am going to have time to blog, read, enjoy...and not. Even without directing this fall, I am swamped.

*How much time I spend grading papers and lesson planning.

*Heck! How much time I spend rearranging my student desks. Keeping them on their toes requires me being on my toes.

*Shaving my legs every day and still finding an inch long hair in plain sight on my knee. (I might have used my tweezers on that one.)

*Data.  I even hate the word "data." Every time they talk about data at school, I have visions of drowning in paper.

*Wearing glasses and needing sunglasses.  Do I squint and gut it out?  Do I pull off the glasses and barely see wearing sunglasses?  Do I get those incredibly huge, ugly sunglasses that go over my glasses?  Confession. I have those, but I can't stand to wear them in public.  I might wear them in the car, but the Mr. wears them most of the time. And I tell him he looks adorable!

*People who deliberately post vague or cryptic comments on Facebook or Blogs.  Say it or don't say it. You are not intriguing your readers; you're annoying them. (OK. So, maybe you're just annoying me.)

Do I sound crabby?  Maybe just a little...

It's nothing a big three-year-old girl's hug or a little boy's slobbery kiss wouldn't cure.

So, now you're rethinking whether you've really missed me posting or not, aren't you?!

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