Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Flip Side

OK. After yesterday, you know the pet peeves. So what am I loving/enjoying?

*Not directing this fall. I miss the kids but not the extra work in an already jam-packed schedule.

*Grammar games in English. They require a bit (that might be an understatement) of planning on my part, but sophomores will do anything if I can turn it into a competition.

*Pumpkin lattes and/or Pumpkin Spice creamer.

*"They're Real!" mascara by Benefits Cosmetics

*Walking home from school every afternoon.

*The 30 minutes when I feel caught up with grading. (It happens about twice a school year!)

*Interactive Notebooks for my students.  That might be the single best thing that I have done this year. (All those little daily assignments are glued into their notebooks instead of filling my in basket.)

*A new haircut-- at an old salon-- by a new stylist, who introduced me to a new product: "Quick Tease."  No more teasing my hair for volume. This spray takes the place of that.

*Having nails again. The fake kind. I had chewed them down to nubs, so I gave up the fight.  You can't really bite acrylic nails.

*Watching L work so hard on her masters in administration.  Teaching, being a wife and mom, and taking six hours has been challenging.

*K as an administrator.  There are many good things going on at Tiny Town High.

*Fresh pears or apples and peanut butter

*Zumba class and Walk/Runs in the morning. Now if I could just find a Yoga class.

Actually, I don't have too many complaints:  my favorite season of the year, an enjoyable sophomore class, and enough work to keep me busy.  Life is pretty darn good.

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