Monday, October 13, 2014


Favorites from the weekend:

*Steak and ale pie made by Niece LuLu.  Yum! And quite British!
*Warm socks, a fake fireplace space heater, and an electric blanket.  We are working hard not to start the furnace.  With daily temperatures to be in the 70's, it would be crazy to start it now.
*Popcorn balls. Sticky? Yes.  Messy? Yes.  But...they are a reminder of childhood and Halloween.
*A white elephant auction at a family reunion that has actually become a redistributing and sharing of family keepsakes.  Sunday's purchase was a bracelet made from Grandma's button collection.  (I spent hours digging through her buttons, stringing them, and then taking them off again!)
*A load of summer clothes and shoes (that didn't get worn this summer) delivered to Disabled American Veterans. 

Not so favorites from this weekend:

*Popcorn hulls in my teeth.
*Leaving lesson plans or grading until Sunday night. I hate spending my entire Sunday evening organizing my week.
*Not knowing how to dress for this crazy weather.  Layers. Layers.
*Shopping online.  Besides the security issues, surfing the websites makes me dizzy and nauseated.  I hope I'm not the only person who still prefers to shop in stores.

The A-OK:

*The gray hair.  It has grown on me--both literally and figuratively.
*The leaves slowly turning.  (They could hurry it up a bit.  Some years, they turn and fall at the same time, causing me to miss the photo ops.
*Dental floss.  I have it stashed everywhere: at school, in the drawer by my living room chair, in the bathroom, and in my purse and computer bag.  I'm always prepared.

The not so OK:

*No winter coat. The zipper broke on my anorak last winter.  I hate buying coats, so I need to buy one I will wear for many years.  Pressure. Pressure. And I can't wait much longer to make a decision
*My iPhone battery issues. I've been looking at phones, but I still haven't decided what I want or what to do. Too many options make it hard to make a decision.

And if I were a worrywart:
*L's coughing is reminiscent of her pneumonia scare.  She promises if it isn't gone tomorrow that she will call her doctor. (And she better!)
*The nine weeks ends on Thursday. Where am I going to find 12 extra hours for grading? Yikes!

And I think that pretty much covers it. Oh, except for these two pictures that show how the Bug and I have a heck of a time taking a decent picture.

2014 Christmas Card? I think not. Think we'll ever get it together? Maybe we could photo shop the two together?


Softie said...

Your hair looks lovely. It is a nice soft grey and it works with your coloring. It does not wash you out at ll. All my grey hairs come in all wiry and sticking out your hair looks smooth and soft. Lucky lady!

Relyn Lawson said...

I'll have the check out Brighton's bracelets because I absolutely love my lanyard.