Sunday, October 12, 2014

Learned from Nana Daycare

Armchair arms can be ridden like a horse, used as a slipper slide, or relaxed on like a bed.

The Bug has become my workout buddy.  She taps my fitbit (pedometer), looks at the number of lights that illuminate, and says, "Steps, Nana! Steps!  You need steps!"  Little Hitler.

Hullabaloo, which isn't even on the market any more, is a great game for kids. I loved it, too.

You can watch Frozen many times--and love it every time.  Then, expect a 3 year old to run around the house and shoot ice out of her fingers.  I also learned that Queen Elsa is better than Princess Anna because Elsa has "the power."  (Hence, the shooting ice out of her fingers.)

When Nana is asked to attend on a trip to the bathroom, it isn't because she can't do it herself--she just wants company.  I guess when you potty, you just need someone to talk to.  If you happen to bring a book along, she will sit there (doing nothing) while you read the book--or two.

If the job is messy, the Bug doesn't want much to do with it.  Painting a pumpkin is fun, until she gets a bit of paint on her fingers.  Even pizza is eaten with a fork.  Of course, the messiness doesn't apply to feet. I have taken shoes off to discover the sandiest, dirtiest feet I've ever seen.

If you play hard, you nap hard.

What did I learn? Be creative. (A chair doesn't have to be a chair.) Workout and get your steps.  If you want to be good at a game, make sure you are flexible enough to put your nose on the floor. (Hullabaloo)  Be the person with the power.  Everything (even pottying) is better with a friend. Keep your hands clean, but it is OK to let your feet play in the sand and dirt. Play hard. Nap.

There. The philosophy of life from my favorite three year old.

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