Friday, October 10, 2014

Nana Daycare

The Bug's daycare provider is closed today. This is the second Friday in a row.  Daddy CT stayed home with her last Friday for a Daddy and Buggie day.  Mommy doesn't have that many days yet, since she is new to this job.  So, today is Nana and Buggie day.

What do we have planned?
*A bath.  Momma says she has to have a bath.
*Cookie baking
*Frozen Match Game (She is bringing this one.)
*A movie and popcorn
*Reading books (The Little Mermaid is a new favorite.)
*If it isn't raining, I'm hoping for a walk.
*Pumpkin painting. (It's a little early for carving.)  I made this one Wednesday night with black chalkboard paint and white thumbtacks.
I'm not sure what the pumpkin decorating will be like today, but I'm pretty sure it will have to be as easy as this one.

Oh, and I'm certain there will be a nap in there; if not for the Bug, at least I will be taking one!

Did I mention that there is a Papa Pizza delivery coming at noon? 

Yes. This has all the makings of a red letter day.

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Kim said...

Have a wonderful day!