Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tough Monday

Coming off a great weekend, it is hard to get back in the swing.

Missing this:
 E is 11 months old now.
We took him to his first U town football game.

He thought it was a bit overwhelming, 
but he was so good. 
He even took a nap on Mommy and missed the kickoff.

On Sunday, the Bug brought Mommy and Daddy to Nana and Papa's for breakfast with E and his mommy and daddy.  We went to church together and then out to lunch.
K shared this photo of the Bug and her best buddy in day care and ballet class. 
Buggie doesn't know it yet, but her buddy is moving to U town in a month or so.
Those two are going to miss each other.
 And Monday was tough.  The week is full every night, and I have a 7:15 meeting this morning.  *sigh  

Back to the classroom. There are kids of another size waiting for me.

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