Wednesday, November 12, 2014


*I'm back from a Girls Weekend in Chicago with two High School friends. We had a great time--and my sweet Cousin A came up and went to breakfast with us.  Her tips for things to do in Chicago were spot on.  My favorite was the Walnut Room in the old Marshall Field, now Macy's, store.

*I'm a week into the month-long trial period with the hearing aids.  (Only a day or two of that has been at school.)  I am saying "Excuse me??" a whole lot less.

*Today, the staff is wearing jeans.  Well, we are if we donate $5 to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Kind of a way to continue what has now been a five-day Veterans Day celebration.  Tiny Town Schools do it right.

I promise I will be back one of these days.  Well, I will be after the meetings, the grading, the moderating for a Scholars' Bowl tournament, a Buggie sleepover, and a Craft Show.....  Yeah, it will be awhile.

We're alive and well on Easy Street--just incredibly busy.

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