Saturday, November 1, 2014


*Survived Parent/Teacher Conference Week

*Survived Halloween Day at school. (Even High School kids love wearing costumes to school.  They also enjoy the sugar buzz a little too much.)
My students informed me that it was hard to take me seriously with the spinning shamrocks on my headband.  Yes, so what is their excuse the other 179 days of the year?

*The new assistant principal survived her first Halloween without being egged or tormented by disgruntled students.

Dorothy and the Turtle
Love these two!

It was a cool Halloween night.  The turtle looked warm enough, but Dorothy needed long sleeves, tights, and a sweater.  

*And now to survive a really cold U town game tonight.  I'm digging out the long underwear and ski socks. 

Since this week has been all about survival, next week is all about the four day weekend that follows.  I can't wait!

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