Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Review

2014 wasn't all good:

L's appendectomy in July.

Hearing aids for me in November:  needed, but costly.  (I'd like to deduct them as a teaching expense!)

Deer.  Our car took a huge hit in June.  CT's truck took a hit in December.  (We were all lucky not to have serious injury, I mean--except for our vehicles!)

Medically:  The Mr. has a pinched nerve in his leg which has caused him problems (and pain!), and I have spent time trying to figure out why there is microscopic blood in my urine. Tests have proved: No Idea. 

Thankfully, there was more good than bad:

Trips: My California trip to visit Little Sis and her family in June.  I visited each of her kids and had time to catch up on their lives.  (Lake Tahoe and Donner Pass were just bonuses.)  The Mr. and my trip to Omaha.  That was a relaxing trip and a fun city.  I'd go back there again.  And then a fun Girls Weekend in Chicago.  I have high hopes for travel in 2015.  (Time and Budget will tell.)

Little E's baptism in February and then his 1st Birthday in November were big days with the grandson. He has been a fun little guy.

A Tea Party, gymnastics and ballet, and  a 3rd Birthday "Wizard of Oz" party were all big times for the Bug.  She continues to add quite a bit of excitement around here.

Three nephews and their very different weddings were fun to celebrate.

Just Fun:  Water Park trips with the girls and the grands, the Color Run at U town, and a hike at a favorite trail.  

School News:  the success of "The Outsiders," a new self-designed lesson plan book, and quite a few changes in teaching content and teaching style. Oh- and I can't forget K as my new assistant principal.

Most read Blog post: State of the Schools

News:  A baby girl due in May (late April?) for K and CT.  The Bug is going to be a Big Sister.  L beginning her administrative degree.  The Mr. no longer working every single weekend--and no Sundays.  (Whoo hoo!)  Oh, and my hair is finally my natural (gray!) color.  After a full year of growing out, it is time.

Best part of my year:
Looking forward to more time with these two in 2015!

Goodbye 2014.  Hoping for a wonderful 2015!

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Softie said...

Happy New Year!! I look forward to your blog in 2015. :)