Monday, December 8, 2014

A Tiny Town Christmas

Christmas Season in Tiny Town:

Home owners leave their Christmas lights on all night, so jogging or walking in the morning is quite festive.

At school we always have music to warn students that passing period is about over.  This time of year, we have Christmas music.  (Which then forces me to finish the song for my classes. Yeah, they are sooo ready for Christmas to be over!)

There is a community music concert and live nativity on a Sunday night in December.

Santa arrives on a firetruck on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Kids sit on his lap, and he gives out paper bags with peanuts, candy, and an orange.  (Just like when I was a kid.)

At Christmas Eve services we ring the sanctuary in candlelight.  (Just like when I was a kid.)

And that is probably why I love Christmas in Tiny Town.  Some traditions are too good to give up.

Now, if it would just snow!

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Mary said...

It sounds heavenly!