Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Celebrating

We were pretty low-key this year.  I spent Christmas Eve recovering from that flu bug. 
Bax--waiting for Santa!
And in both Big City and Tiny Town---
The Bug's firetruck came through on Santa's Sleigh.  (The lack of a PINK fireman hat and coat was a bit of a shock.) And E took one look at his B-ball goal and tried to make a basket.  I think Santa scored!

We had breakfast with the Bug, K, and CT, while the B's had breakfast with E's big sisters.  The big sisters had to be home to their mom by noon; and then E, L, and CB came to Easy Street. 

There was quite a bit of waiting for the Big City Kids to arrive...
The Bug joined Bax on his perch. 
There was quite a bit of staring out the window...
and then...
Together again!!
We had dinner and presents and "crackers" with crowns and silly jokes, and
lots of playing time.  In the evening LBB and family came up for dessert--and then a light supper.
LBB even got in a little lap time.
Sharing crowns, phones, and laps!

On the day after Christmas, the Mr. Papa made pancakes for breakfast.  There was a long morning walk and more playing and eating. (Nana had to run get the batteries she forgot for the Bug's present.  The flu drove the thought right out of my mind.  Finally, all toys were working.)  There were naps and snacks and Chicken Enchiladas for supper.  E got to spend some time with us in the late afternoon--without Mommy and Daddy.  L was in the market for a new car, and they decided to go look without the little man for a distraction.  She found one she liked and drove back here for a trial.  
Saturday, E took him Mommy and Daddy back to the car dealership.  Nana and Papa were headed to the extended family Christmas--and we thought the B's were headed back to Big City.  (K was home with her feet up.)  On the way to the Loft in the hometown, L called to say they were buying the same vehicle, but a newer model.  They were still in U town and CB was going to have to go back to Big City to get the trade-in ready to go.  L and E were back at K and CT's for supper--and were planning to spend the night with us again.  They also had big news-- a haircut that didn't thrill Mommy!
 They took him in for a trim--
and instead the lady buzz cut him.
Mommy cried.
(The lady is lucky she didn't get hit!)
The baby is now a Big Boy!
And cute as the devil.
LOVE kissing that little head!

We were still at the loft, enjoying a Christmas supper and spending time with the extended family.  Both nephews were home from military service with their summer brides, and it was good to see all of them. We had Roast Beast, Yorkshire pudding, roasted Brussels sprouts, and Speckled Jim--a very British Christmas meal.  Mom would have approved. We were a large, noisy crew.

L and E were with us this morning, and we took a ride in her new auto. She and E were waiting to go to a 1st Birthday Party on the way back to Big City. When they took off, this Nana collapsed.  (Maybe I'm still not 100%...) 

The week after Christmas seems to be filling up.  We are planning a Girls Day in Big City. The Mr. had a young mechanic at work who was killed (hit by a car while walking) on the day after Christmas, so there is a funeral.  Throw in a couple of Dr.'s appointments and New Year's Eve--and in no time we will be back at school.  

I am planning a few simple "celebrations" (movies and popcorn, an afternoon of sewing, etc.) to drag this vacation out as much as possible! 

Hope the end of 2014 finds you healthy and happy!  (We'll take a look back at 2014 later this week.)

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