Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Day 1

What do I know for sure?

*I will be writing 2014 for about a month; this is better than writing 2011 or 2007, though I write random years every once in awhile.  Whoa.  Scary times.  I'm pretty sure my students get quite a kick out of dates on the board, though sometimes it takes until 5th hour for anyone to say anything notice--but that is another story. (Let me look like a fool for half the day, will ya?!)

*We are starting 2015 with a Mr. who is still fighting a pinched nerve in his leg.  He has had this problem for a couple of months.  They only discovered the cause of his pain on Tuesday.  This will be day three of the medicine.  I'm hoping it does some good!

*Black-eyed peas are on the menu today.  They soaked overnight and are in the crockpot cooking.  Do they bring good luck?  Who knows, but I'm not taking any chances.  (They are also pretty good for you, so that makes it a good menu choice.)

*I'm not really making any New Year Resolutions, though one thing became evident to me while I was writing the review of 2014:  the most fun times are the ones involving physical challenge and/or the outdoors.  Keeping that in mind, I have some things I want to do in 2015.
   -Climb one of those rock walls
   -Take a yoga class
   -Get my bike up and running again  (Serious issues.  My bike needs to pull itself together--literally!)
   -Paddle board.  I had my chance last summer in California, but it was about 50 degrees outside. Yikes! I want to give it a shot.
   -Rent a bike at one of those kiosks and ride it around to see a different town.
   -Run in a couple of Fun Runs.  (Anything two miles or less.)
   -Hike on my three favorite trails.  (OK. Run on one of them!)
   -Ride on my two favorite bike trails and discover at least one new one.
   -The Water park near here needs visiting--more than twice this year
 I also want to take a Road Trip somewhere--California, Virgina, Illinois, somewhere. There are relatives to visit and places to see. Any of you CrAzY Cousins in???

Well, I am off to walk either at school or at the U town mall. Baby it's cold outside!

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