Friday, January 16, 2015

Fabulous Friday

Favorite Moments

1.  Reading to the Bug tonight after school.  ("We're Going On A Bear Hunt")  She kind of likes her Nana most days.

2. My students gave presentations today. They were projected from their computers.  Each presentation was about people, groups of people, or even events where humans face horrible obstacles and maintain a fighting attitude of hope.  All of them were set to the poem Invictus.  Some Fridays are pretty terrific. This was one of them!

3. Auditions are over, the cast is posted, and rehearsals now begin. 

Favorite Things

1. A Lunch Crock Pot given to me by a colleague who drew my name at Christmas.  It holds about two cups. I put leftovers or soup in it, plug it in at school, and I have a hot lunch waiting for me at noon.  Perfect gift for a teacher!

2. Warming seats in the car.  They heat up so fast. This has been a pleasant winter even with frigid temperatures.

3. Supper with my Student Teacher before a ball game.  (She's a pretty great student teacher, too!)

Thus ends a good but busy week!  There is a good possibility that I will be in bed at 8:30 tonight. 

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