Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Love

Small loves and celebrations:

*Trivia Crack.  I've resisted this game on the iPhone for awhile, and then I succumbed.  And I'm addicted.  I will have to delete it soon; I'm wasting too much time.

*Bubba cup.  I love my Bubba cup for my drinking water at school.  I love that it doesn't sweat and keeps my water cold. Best money that I've spent lately!

*Tonight, there is a donation pre-game dinner for the JV scholarship fund.  JV was the student who underwent two years of fairly radical cancer treatment while he was in high school.  He was named a State Spirit of Sport award winner, and his "Make A Wish" was for a new weight room for Tiny Town High.  He is a college sophomore now, but a group at our school gives a scholarship in his name every year.  My Student Teacher and I are taking a shift working the dinner.  (I love how supportive my student teacher has been of the after school/evening activities.)

*Friday celebrations: jeans, staff lunches (a special menu just for teachers,) students writing papers, and a home game. 

As for the weekend, there is light snow in the forecast, and the Bug is coming for a sleepover.  Sounds almost perfect!

Happy last Friday of January!


Kim said...

Have a great day and weekend, Mrs. E! I have had a Bubba cup for quite some time. It's what I take in the car. My kids swear by Tervis, but I like my Bubba cup because it has a handle. Have fun with the Bug!

Mary said...

I need to check out this Bubba cup. I carry a couple of Nalgene bottles around with me with water.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Relyn Lawson said...

I won't play trivia crack on my phone, because I know I'll get lost in it. But, I play plenty with my daughter. ha.