Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day for the Books

This was one for the books!

I didn't get a single card mailed or a single gift delivered. (I take that back.  I gave the Mr. mixed nuts and a bit of chocolate.)

The Mr. brought me a pretty little rose plant early in the week.  It was waiting for me after rehearsal one night.

We planned to take the Bug a pink, heart-shaped donut and some chocolate milk, but she was at I-Hop having pancakes.  (After some medicine, I think she is finally recovering from her croup.)

The Mr. and I took off for his RV show at 7:30 in the morning.  We were stopped by a train across the tracks for 35 minutes. (Glad no one was having a medical emergency.)

I finally dropped him at the show and took off for the mall.  I shopped the sales, but only found one thing. Then I went to Target for a few Valentine's day gifts.  Lunch was at P. F. Chang's.  I spent the afternoon at a bookstore (more Valentine gifts), and then finally ended the day by buying props for the show at a party store. 

Before dark, I met up with the Mr. again.  I spent some time at the RV Show, and then we headed home. 

Kind of a strange Valentine's Day.  Valentine #1 had to work all day, and the rest of my Valentines are going to be delivered belatedly.  On the other hand, I love shopping by myself.  (I don't feel guilty making someone else wait for me to finish.) And I had time to call Dad, Little Sis in Cali, K and L.

As strange as it was, the day of love was a day I loved.  (Though I hope next year, I get to spend it with the people I love.)

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