Sunday, March 22, 2015

Last Day of Break

I'd be really sad about the end of break, but this last nine weeks will fly. 

1. State Testing begins shortly after we return.
2. Baby #2 for K and CT arrives at the end of April.  Can't wait to meet the new little one!! (The Bug's little Bumble Bee is getting ready to make her appearance.)
3. I have to pack up my classroom and move to a different classroom.  I have loved my beautiful room, but the room I am moving to is one of the most interesting in the school. It has a small stage and lighting system, a props/costume closet, and really high ceilings.  (The only downside?  No windows and no carpet.  Sadness.)
4. I have three new classes to begin outlining for next year. 

Did I mention that we have a four day break for Easter?  Yeah, that makes going back a little easier, too!

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Kim said...

It sounds like the next 9 weeks will keep you plenty busy. Hope it all goes well, especially the arrival of the new granddaughter. You will, of course, keep us posted on her arrival!