Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1

Snow day?  Nope.  The forecasters got it wrong.  Again. Still.  Our inch or two of snow is melting fast.  Good thing we got a little sledding in yesterday. Perhaps this will be known as the almost snowless winter.

Grading?  Done. Check.

Laundry? Last load in. Almost check.

Projections for the show? Done.  Forty-five slides are ready to go. Check.

Next up?  Painting the end of the sets, finding/making the props, gathering the set pieces, gathering the tech crew, etc., etc., etc.  Somewhere in there, I will still be team teaching Julius Caesar.  Not even close to check.

March seems to be taking off like a lion on Easy Street. 

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Beth said...

Ahhh lucky you! We are on our 19th snow day with one being for flooding (the smow melted too fast and it rained most of the day and night before). It's beyond ridiculous as we only have 5 days built into our year by the state of Ohio.
We are already going for a half hour longer each day to try to make up several of the days.
We were at school once this week--once!
We had one week where we didn't go at all! Too much of a good thing.