Friday, April 10, 2015

April Randoms

We'll start with the weather. It's hot. It's cold. It's windy. It storms. Heck, sometimes it even snows.  AC/Heat/AC/Heat.  Yeah, it can't make up its mind. And I am regretting putting so many cold weather clothes away.

Taxes.  That is the part of April that I hate.  We owe. We owe. We always owe.  Ugh!

I have spent the last several days cleaning out my file cabinet.  Thirty-three years of paper accumulation is appalling!  I am culling it all down to unit notebooks.  Each unit has a two-inch, three ring binder/notebook.  I have one more major notebook to complete, and then I am getting rid of files for classes or units that I no longer teach.  Strangely, I feel lighter already. Moving to a new classroom at the end of the year should be a bit easier if I have less to move.

Speaking of moving classrooms, I am itching to get into the new room.  There will be quite a bit to do this summer. 

My neck and back have caused me enough trouble that I started seeing a Physical Therapist at the end of February.  Taking a couple of falls didn't exactly help the situation.  As of Monday, he asked me to give up Zumba for a couple of weeks to see if would help my back, but he wants me to keep walking. We'll see how this goes.

Today is "Purple It Up" day to honor the military kids in our district. We're wearing our purple! Tiny Town Schools are good about honoring the kids who end up sacrificing quite a bit while their parents serve.

My goal for today?  To clean the top of my desk and cabinets before the weekend begins.  Shooting for the moon!


Kim said...

According to my daughter, I should be going through the cleaning out process at home. I can always find things I'd rather do.

Have a great weekend, Mrs. E!

141FE said...

Our Purple Up Day is the 21st! Love you CrAzY CoUsIn!!