Sunday, April 19, 2015

Randoms: Cherry Juice, Stitch Fix, and Twitter

Today's Random Bits

*Tiny Town High faculty sprinkled K with boxes of diapers and wipes.  She had a pretty good sized stack on her desk last week, along with some other goodies.  She was quite surprised when she opened her office door.  And she cried. (Bet you could have guessed that!)
I have about given up on Physical Therapy.  I am continuing the exercises they have given me, but I don't think I'll make another appointment.  I feel like a hamster on a wheel: never getting anywhere.  We shall see.

A colleague of mine started drinking organic cherry juice.  She said after drinking it that she had her first night of good sleep in a long time.  (She has shoulder issues.)  I decided to try it. (An alternative to Physical Therapy?)  First of all, cherry juice has melatonin in it, which promotes sleep.  It is also supposed to ease the pain in joints.  So far, I give it a thumbs up.  Well, except for the taste.  It is kind of like drinking cough syrup on ice.

Several other colleagues and I have been trying the online styling business Stitch Fix.  Most of us hate shopping.  None of us are easy to fit.  You fill out their online profile of likes and dislikes, tell them what you might be looking for, and pay $20 for a stylist to send you five items she thinks you might like.  A box arrives at your doorstep with your items.  The $20 fee can be applied to the cost of a garment if you decide to purchase one.  Anything you don't like, you put in an envelope and send back at no cost.  The first box, I kept everything, though most of it I wouldn't even have tried on in a store. The second box, I kept nothing.  My 3rd Stitch Fix box will arrive at the end of this week.  I love not having to shop for clothes. As for this 3rd box, stay tuned.  (Did I mention that they give you a referral code?  For every friend you refer, when they sign up and order it means a $25 credit.  Interested? Let me know! And then you can give out your own referral code to friends.)
 Easter 2015 with the Grands
Dress and cardigan (which you can almost see) from my 1st Stitch Fix Order

Facebook has been my social media of choice to keep up with friends, family, and former students; however, Twitter has become my favorite social media to stay on top of education trends, news of my profession, and ideas for teaching.  I follow almost no people (a couple of family members and colleagues), but I follow a lot of news organizations and professional organizations.  I have gained a hundred new ideas for my classroom all because of Twitter.  It is now my go-to place when I need information.

We have twenty-three days of school left.  Twenty-three days crammed packed with activities and end-of-the-year projects. Oh, and somewhere in there I am packing up my current classroom and moving to the new one.

In other news, I broke down and bought a rain gauge.  I hate guessing.  I spent a whopping $1.95.  (And why did I wait so long??)

And there you have the random bits for this week of 2015.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, 23 days of school left! This year seems to have gone by really fast.

Cherry juice sounds good to me.

Great pic of you and hubby with grands.

Have a great week Mrs. E ~ FlowerLady

John Edwards said...

Thanks for your recent comment - I wonder why these spammers pick on us?
I don't know where I would get cherry juice - I shall have to try one of the really big supermarkets, or perhaps a health food shop?
It sounds like I'll have to learn to use Twitter. If you want to friend me on Facebook I'm at cjohnedwards (home).