Friday, May 22, 2015

1st Day of Summer Vacation

And how did I spend it?  Yes, I went to school.

I completely vacated my old classroom.  (Most of it had already been taken to the new room, but a few random items were left.) There are a few big furniture pieces for the custodians to move, but my room is ready for its new owner.
I know I am going to miss this room, especially the carpet and the windows.  My new room is in the center of the school and has neither windows nor carpet.  Sadness.  

However, in all fairness, the new room has always been one of my favorite rooms in the new building--second only to our library.  It has a stage with lights, a huge prop/costume closet, and really high ceilings.  

No pictures.  The room is a bit of a disaster right now.  It looks like I am trying to merge supplies from two rooms together--which I am.  My efforts are centered on the prop closet right now. I am doing a bit of purging and organizing.  My hope is to have the closet done by early next week.  Then I will begin the work of organizing my desk and cupboards.  I predict a couple of days work will check that off my list.  

Then...I'm really looking forward to some sum-sum-summertime!

Photos sure to follow.

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