Monday, May 25, 2015

Latest Loves

*Holding a sweet, sleeping baby
*Shellac nail polish instead of acrylic nails
*Face time with the little ones (who grow disinterested so fast!)
*Organization and neatness
*Marigolds-- I actually am not a fan of the flower, but I love how they repel the bugs! Deer don't like them either.  Win!
*Rain gauges
*Cloudy skies-- perfect for picture taking
*Bubbles and kids- a perfect pairing
*Gouda cheese- yum!
*Dry shampoo, when I skip washing my hair to gain a bit more time.
*Gummy vitamins--a bit like eating a piece of candy
*Time for reading--and perhaps even a bit of sewing (repairing!)
*Purging the house for a garage sale with the mindset that if it goes out, it doesn't come back.
*Yard work when the effort makes a noticeable change

What would I really like?
Just a bit of sunshine to make the flowers grow
More rock to replace railroad ties that are rotting
A movie afternoon
An Art Museum trip

That's it.
This time of year, I am pretty easy to please.

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