Sunday, May 10, 2015

O Happy Day!

A couple of good reasons for that post title.

* Only seven or nine days left with this class, depending on if my students are taking finals or not.  I call this the home stretch. The seniors are done on Wednesday, and then graduation is next Sunday.  Our staff farewell dinner is Wednesday night.  On top of that,  I will have a ton of grading to finish up this week as their last essays come in and then their final project of the year.

*I had a terrific Mother's Day Weekend. We actually celebrated with L and family last weekend.  Today, we had breakfast with K and family, and then made a trip out to the farm so that the Little Miss could meet her Great Grandfather.  It was rainy and muddy, but everything was so lush and green. Back home, we planted some flowers, filled the bird feeder, and did some yard work. The yard now makes me ready for summer!

 The girls bought me a favorite from their childhood.
We used to have marathons watching this series.
I never read the Anne of Green Gables books, but I sure loved the series. (PBS?)
I have thought about buying it several times, but the price always stopped me.
Now, I'm ready for an Anne marathon. I haven't seen this for years!
The girls knew this would be a hit!
 Rick bought me a new bird feeder that looks a bit like canning jars.
I doubt that it is squirrel proof, but I am waiting to watch the birds discover it.
 K sent me this picture: The Bug and the Buglet.
The Bug looks like a giant. I remember thinking that when K was little.
When I brought L home from the hospital, I thought K was huge.
Looking at pictures now, K was still so little!  (The Bug is, too!)
L sent me this picture.  Little Man discovered his sister's doll.
"Baby!" He wouldn't let the baby go and kept kissing her head,
much like he did with the Little Miss last weekend.
He was loving his baby doll! (Good Daddy material there!)
My favorite from the weekend.  
Dad meeting his newest Great Grandchild.
Pretty sweet.

The last couple of weekends really made me on the countdown for summer to arrive! Just a guess, but I'm pretty sure my students feel the same.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Great photos!!!

Can't believe it is the end of another school year for you already. Time is zipping right along.

I hope you have a great last week and a wonderful summer.