Monday, May 4, 2015

The Weekend

The newest Little Lady's birth was definitely the highlight.  I think we all managed to get in quite a bit of snuggling time. 
L and Little Man E joined us on Thursday night. L couldn't wait to see her new niece, who also shares her middle name.  E was so much fun. He is quite the character. 

Daddy CB joined us on Friday night, as did the Bug.  We all waited patiently (some more patiently than others) for K and CT to arrive home with the new little sister. 

We left their family to settle in with the newest addition, and the rest of us went out to the farm for some fishing and visiting.
The Fishing
The Visting

Besides the cat, E was quite taken with Great Grandpa on his little bobcat, spreading some gravel.

On Sunday, we all went to our favorite fishing spot at the local lake.  E is quite the little fisherman, though he enjoyed putting his toes in the water, too.  Oh, and he's a big fan of throwing rocks in the water.  (That worked better at the bridge down at the farm.  Not quite so successful when Daddy and Papa were fishing.)
And a little fisherman is born...

A great weekend full of grandbabies and time outdoors.  It doesn't get much better than this.


Kim said...

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Love multiplied! I also loved seeing E and his escapades. It's amazing to me how quickly our grandchildren grow. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

FUN! Wonderful pictures but I'm partial to the "visiting with the Kitty" photo!! Isn't there a pic of the Bug at the same window???