Sunday, June 14, 2015

Annual Garage Sale

Garage Sale Saturday in Tiny Town gave me a chance to sell quite a few things that have been cluttering the house.  We took our things to add with K & CT's since their house is pretty centrally located. We ended up selling quite a bit of furniture from our basement.  Lately, that has been the plan: to empty as much excess from the basement as possible. Someday when we downsize, it shouldn't be as much work. 

The sale was successful.  We sold many of our treasures.  We didn't even need the Mr.'s rule of "If it leaves for the garage sale, it doesn't come back." (He had made three trips with furniture or large pieces.) All we had left was a small box of books and some jackets that we dropped off at Disabled Veterans later that evening. Whoo hoo! 

We priced things to go. (The secret to not having to bring anything home.)  By 10:00, we didn't have much left.

And this inspires me to go through a few more things that we need to trash, give away, or return to K & L. (They love me when I show up with boxes!) They still have photos and other memorabilia on shelves in the bedrooms and storage room.  If I can sort through that this week, my major cleaning and sorting for this summer will be about done.  And it is only the middle of June!

Summer Cleaning--that's what is happening on Easy Street.  Exciting summer, eh?!

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